Antonov An-178 Tactical Airlifter Debuts at Le Bourget

Antonov An-178

Source: Paris Air Show 2015

The international debut of the new twin-jet came just over a month after its first flight at Kiev-Antonov Airport (Gostomel).

The 18-tonnes-payload aircraft Antonov An-178 is proposed in the medium-lift market as a competitor to the Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Hercules (22 tonnes), the Embraer KC-390 (23 tonnes), and the United Aircraft Corporation-Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Multirole Transport Aircraft (15-20 tonnes).

The An-178 is essentially an An-158 regional jet with a rear loading ramp (the two types share a number of components, including wing, front fuselage and cockpit, and nosewheel leg).

Specifications listed in IHS Jane's All The World's Aircraft:

  • Powerplant: 2 Progress D-436-148FM turbofans rated at 16.000 lbs of thrust
  • Dimensions: wingspan 28.84 m; length 32.95 m; heigth 10.14 m
  • Cargo hold: length 12.85 m including ramp; 6.65 m excluding ramp; floor width 2.745 m; height 2.75 m; floor area 40 mÇ; hold volume 125 mÑ (both including the ramp)
  • Performance: cruise speed 445 kt; service ceiling 42.000 ft; max payload range 1,000 km; runway length 2,500 m


Andrea Artoni







Andrea Artoni


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