Lean Production

Embedding Lean into the company to deliver continuous, sustainable business improvement

The Lean and Six Sigma tools have become well known for their ability to empower an entire workforce and improve business performance. Improvements come from the people who do the work and at a level of detail that management could not hope to have time to address. The tools all deliver benefits, but in different areas and in different ways.

So there is a need to connect the Lean activities to business priorities.  It is management’s role to sponsor and guide the lean teams to deliver increased value for the business. 

Ingersol Engineers consultants are experienced subject matter experts who can help you to test and assess the current lean state of the business and then implement your lean approach. This will include training and support for the lean teams and assistance to the management teams to sponsor, steer and support them.

High quality lean training sessions are offered by Ingersol Engineers - to support the initiated change process in consulting projects and to ensure permanent results. Training can be adapted to all hierarchical levels - for production operators to senior managers. Training can be customized to the individual needs of companies, can be held at your sites. 

Ingersol Engineers training combines the know-how of subject matter experts with experience of international lean projects. They typically follow a modular, games-oriented approach. The content is taught in a practical manner and participants can understand and link the experience to their own environments.  

Typical Ingersol Engineers training modules are:

  • Lean Product Strategy and Product Design
  • Lean Production Systems, Just-in-Time
  • SMED (single minute exchange of die)
  • Kanban
  • 5 S
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • Lean Office


Ingersol Engineers is Certified Green Belt in Lean (CGBL) by IIBLC®:

Advance school                 IIBLC
Advance Operations Management School   International Indipendent Board for Lean Certification


Case Studies:

Airline Group: Modeling a new Maintenance shop floor in Aircraft Industry

Aerospace Company: Implementing Lean within a military aircraft MRO facility

Boilers Manufacturer: Lean Implementation in a Production System