The importance of keeping costs under control

To face the pressure of competition in a global market, companies have to consider every cost reduction opportunity. Process rationalization from a cost reduction perspective gets rid of every-day inefficiencies and waste.

The challenge is to achieve this goal, while keeping total customer satisfaction and fully exploiting all possibilities offered by state-of-the-art technology and IT. Over the last twenty years Ingersol Engineers has been operating in the cost reduction area with accurate cost analysis by mapping company processes.

Accomplishment of goals is measured through performance indicators, valid for every functional area. As a result, business process re-engineering offers unexpected financial resources and time savings .

Case Studies:

Executive Aircraft Builder: Industrial Strategy and  WIP Reduction Operation

Automotive Manufacturer: Analysis and improvement of energy consumption

Boilers Manufacturer: Lean Implementation in a Production System

Aircraft Manufacturer: Supplier Capacity & Capability Assessment