Experts with cross skills
Our engineers are highly competent in mechanical technology, information management & organization and, mostly, in production problem solving.

A reliable method for scoring suppliers
Ingersol Engineers offers a consistent assessment for a complete map of each area in the value chain paradigm. Particular attention is given to the quantifying and monitoring of key governance parameters, leading to an effective overview of the supplier’s critical aspects. We deliver findings on the quantification of suppliers’ risk both overall and in each investigation area.

Quantifying the risk to anticipate supply chain inefficiencies

Advantages of monitoring suppliers
Ingersol Engineers’ methodology detects quickly the key problems increasing supply risk: this is just after the first assessment. Our intervention subsequently develops in a monitoring service to implement efficient actions (Quick Wins™) and improvement projects leading to immediate benefits for both one supplier and the entire supply chain.

How long does an assessment take?
Obviously, the answer depends on the company’s size, but our motto is “Being effective quickly”. In less than 3 days we complete the companys check‐up and display our customers’ full findings about their suppliers. This enables them to understand the risk and take all the necessary strategic actions.

Case Studies:

Aircraft Manufacturer: Supplier Capacity & Capability Assessment