I’d like an ERP

Is your firm ready to restore or install a new Information System? Our experts support your organization in order to tackle this dilemma, starting with your organization’s analysis and giving managers assistance in choosing the best solution.

Looking for customized solution?

No problem: Ingersol Engineers makes it easier to define process specifications and work out ready to install solutions.

Impact on organization

Implementing an Information System is always a fine operation: the impact is direct on both technology and the entire organization. On one side, computational ability increases and information processing becomes quicker. But, most important, knowledge management capability makes it possible to integrate diverse systems and processes, making farm rationalization and cost optimization easier

Implementing with people

Ingersol Engineers works as implementation partner for its customers: we build up a team and involve the entire organization. Training and motivating people is one of our objectives. Carrying out clear and complete training plans for the new Information System owners is the critical factor of every implementation project: Ingersol Engineers believes in technology and, mostly, in people.